Stilling Life

As you prepare your Still Life assignments for the next class, enjoy this lecture by our good friend Ted Forbes for inspiration. Are you drawn to use found objects like William Eggleston or construct symbolic scenes like Birthe Piontek?

from Lying Still by Birthe Piontek

2 thoughts on “Stilling Life

  1. So this video has me confused now. Towards the end Ted says “…because you’re completely in control of the still life, it’s modeled, it’s not something that you’re shooting that exists.” Throughout the video he mentions how controlled the still life’s should be. Can’t a still life’s be found objects simply as they are in the environment they are found in?

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  2. Yes! I think he has great examples but, his definition is a little narrow. I would still consider a “captured” collection of inanimate objects a still life, too. đŸ˜‰


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