2 thoughts on “Post-Production Ethics

  1. Post processing, where do you draw the line? It’s hard to say what’s wrong or right, well to a certain degree, saturation levels and contrast can be tempting. Good read over all, but still un clear as to what would be considered TOO much. I do my best to get it right from the camera, but finding that a few tweaks here and there make an image so much more pleasing to the viewer. This coming from someone who refused to do any sort of post before starting my degree. As it stands today though it’s very hard to know what has or hasn’t been photoshopped. There are many photos posted by seasoned pro’s that I’m still unsure if were heavily photoshopped in order to achieve the aesthetic they’ve produced for us to drool over. Photoshop is much more powerful than ANY sophisticated darkroom making it harder and harder to believe a true (SOOC) photographs glory.

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  2. Photojournalism is often perceived as being a straight record of truth. But, as we have begun to discover, this is difficult when you are in the business of telling stories. We all add a bit of “post-production” to the way we see the world. Photoshop has just accelerated that process.

    Everyone has their own aesthetic…some of that aesthetic is influenced by cinema or other media or what we’ve been taught to see as beautiful or interesting. As you develop your own style, it’s great to research and draw lessons from the images that move you personally. Keep asking yourself why or how those images were made. How are those creative decisions framing the meaning of the work?

    Todd, I like your commitment to getting the image right while you are shooting. 😀 A technical mastery of the camera is the best place to start. This is especially important when we are talking about forms of photography that are trying to stay true to reportage.


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