Pao Houa Her

How PSYCHED are we to have Pao Houa Her skype in to talk about her work next week? All photo majors are invited to attend this talk…We will try to connect @ 4pm on Tuesday, October 27th. Here is an awesome interview  she did at the Minneapolis Institute of Art sharing her process on photographing Hmong Veterans.

Pao Her’s exhibition “Attention” at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (2015)

2 thoughts on “Pao Houa Her

  1. My three favorite parts to this specific exhibition were 1. How high the images were placed so that the viewers really had to look up to them 2. the sound piece that commanded everyone’s attention and 3. The carefully chosen location to display these images in order to receive the recognition from the audience they so craved and rightfully so.

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  2. Yeah, I never knew about the sound piece part as I only saw her images online… That concept is powerful.

    I kept thinking about the Hmong struggle for recognition and her own personal struggle for recognition among her peers and community for choosing to make art. When do you actually get that respect and at what cost?


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