A Light in the Dark

How is the research going on your pinhole cameras? Some of you have found prototypes that use film and others have found ones that take paper. By Week 7, we should have access to processing chemicals for both. (The chemical mixtures and times will vary) We will load the film/paper together during Week 5 at the midterm after your presentations.

For those that are interested in continuing to use film, I have ordered film holders that can be used in the Digital Dark Room to digitize your images. They come in 4×5, 35mm and 6×7 sizes. If your film is an untraditional size for this pinhole project, you might be able to just lay it flat on the scanner. We can do a demo for those that have never scanned film before. 🙂 *Paper people will process the negative image directly to the paper as if it were film.

Check out this website for more Pinhole inspiration!


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