Let’s break it down:

Photojournalism is immediate and tries to maintain a level of objectivity to convey a news story. It adheres to the same code of ethics as reporting.  It is descriptive. Documentary, while also aiming to record actual people, places & events, is a deeper study that is concerned with relaying meaning. It is more expressive.

Based on our discussions in class, do you think it’s possible to be objective when photographing? If so, then, how?

Alec Soth

6 thoughts on “Objectivity

  1. I do not think it is possible to be objective when photographing because I believe that even subconsciously we as photographers make decisions that we are unaware of at the time the picture is being taken. We add things in a composition and make decisions to subtract things as well. For example a tree in a background may seem pointless and a photographer may move slightly so that it is not in a frame, however, the tree may be important to help tell an overall story. It’s the little details that I believe photographers are making unknowing/subconscious decisions about.

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    1. Now, you are thinking… 😉
      Maybe there are levels of objectivity. It’s something that we should always be mindful of. Certain projects are more suited to straight photography (or a fidelity to recording) and other projects might lend themselves to that expression. Many oscillate between the two…


  2. I don’t think that it is that easy to be objective. After all the camera is a tool that a photographer uses to take a picture with. How this tool is used is up to the individual. When choosing how to frame the picture or choosing the f-stop and shutter speed settings, these are all done by what the photographer feels is best. Weather concisely or not, a person is putting some judgment into what they are trying to do with the camera. A photojournalist can try to be objective in their work but are they truly being objective in how they use a camera?

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    1. Totally…One could even argue that just the simple act of seeing is subjective. 😀 But, maybe there are some bits of reality or actuality that can be captured by the camera. The photojournalist strives for this to aid in communicating.


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