Design As Language

We have learned that design is an organizational plan that adheres to a form or structure. We’ve seen examples of framing, composition & pattern within photography… Sometimes line, shape and space help achieve this.

Can you think of some more examples of photography that may have been inspired by the Bauhaus or Constructivist movements of design?

Laszlo Maholy-Nagy
Amir Zaki

18 thoughts on “Design As Language

  1. One of my favorite things to do is photograph lines, shapes, and abstract image.
    The creativity of what is seen in those images and what they are constructing or leading to.
    Art within art in a subliminal or in your face presentation.

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  2. The photograph in this link really reminds me of some of the pictures we looked at today. It uses line and shape, but doesn’t prominently have beauty, just like the constructivists photographed during the movement. I think it is cool how this photograph shows silhouettes instead of the faces of the people, it kind of shows just how far away the constructivists stayed from the aspect of beauty.

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